Meet Kathy Zant, Product Marketing Manager for KadenceWP

Kathy Zant is the Product Marketing Manager for KadenceWP. When asked what she does at Kadence, she replied “I have the gift of being able to show the world what Kadence can do for WordPress sites. It’s the most innovative thing happening in WordPress for me right now, and I get to share that excitement. Who could ask for more?”

Indeed, Kathy gets to work on some cutting-edge WordPress stuff, and in turn, we get the excitement of working with Kathy!

Kathy says “I’m so blessed to work on a team with people with whom I have such deep respect and connections. The smartest people in WordPress work at StellarWP, and I’m always learning something new here.”

5 Things

We ask our team to pick any five questions from a long list. Here are the ones Kathy Zant chose, and her replies.

What hobbies do you enjoy? Tell us a little bit about how you discovered it/them, why you enjoy it/them, etc.

I enjoy escaping into nature with my dog, Bodhi. There’s something freeing about being surrounded by trees and lakes and a dog’s presence that reconnects me and makes all of the other stories happening in life easier to bear.

Bodhi at the Beach

What outside organizations are you involved with? (Charities, etc.) What do these organizations mean to you?

I’ve fostered kittens a couple of times for a local animal shelter. Both times, saying goodbye to them was hard. If you’ve never had a pile of kittens purring in your lap, you’re missing out on one of the most intoxicating experiences available to humans. 🙂

Kathy’s “familiar,” Luna and her “foster failure,” Sven

What television program do you quote from the most? What is your go-to quote? Why do you like this show?

We’ll go with Seinfeld and the spirit of Festivus. “I have problems with you people.” It works far beyond Festivus season!

Where’s the last place you traveled to? Why did you choose this destination? What did you do there?

Our last real family trip was to Carlsbad, California to spend time by the ocean.

Your prediction: the world will end by A. Zombies, B. Meteor, C. Alien Invasion. Why did you choose that answer?

A. Zombies. It might already be happening.

Daughter Claire, with her horse, Lola

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