Meet Kudzai Vilika, Content Marketing Manager for The Events Calendar

Kudzai Vilika is the Content Marketing Manager for The Events Calendar. When asked what she does in her role, she replied “I do all things marketing here. This includes blog content strategy, video productions, and email marketing, along with other marketing-related efforts. I coordinate the team responsible for making our products and communications visible to our target market.”

Kudzai is a quiet source of strength at The Events Calendar. Her steady approach to marketing, even when things can sometimes seem to be chaotic, keeps things running smoothly and keeps The Events Calendar moving forward.

Family and faith are very important to Kudzai. She loves singing and writing gospel songs. She comes from a musical family and grew up singing in church, so she says it just comes naturally. She currently lives with her family in Houston, Texas.

We asked Kudzai what she liked most about working at StellarWP. “My favorite thing about working for Stellar is being connected to so many bright minds. Everyone here is an expert at what they do. Since working at The Events Calendar, I’ve met so many folks who are passionate about WordPress, and about the various disciplines involved in developing and deploying awesome stuff. I also love how open-minded the team is, and how my input is valued in the organization. I learn a lot from working with the awesome people here. I love the culture and I enjoy working with a distributed team with people from all around the world. Also I LOVE WordPress and am thrilled to be working at a company that’s such an important part of the WordPress ecosystem.”

5 Things from Kudzai Vilika

We ask our team to pick any five questions from a long list. Here are the ones Kudzai chose, and her replies.

Where’s the last place you traveled to? Why did you choose this destination? What did you do there?

The last place I travelled to was Phoenix, Arizona. My family and I went there for Christmas. I grew up in Arizona after moving to the U.S. from Zimbabwe. We consider Phoenix our “base” city as a family, and no matter where we’re all scattered, Phoenix tends to be the place we call home in the U.S. We had a blast! I went to a Phoenix Suns game (they won!), hung out with family and old friends, and as always whenever I travel, we attended the local Forward in Faith church there. Can’t wait to go back!

Kudzai Vilika and her extended family at the holidays

What’s a book you recommend to others? Why do you like it?

I love the book Ivanhoe by Sir. Walter Scott. It may seem crazy, but I really like old British novels. I think I have a thing for history, and though not so popular, Ivanhoe has some cool insights on events that took place in England during the middle ages, and the interactions between the English and the French.

What television program or movie do you quote from the most? What is your go-to quote?

“She doesn’t even go here” from Mean Girls. My sibling and I turned that in to a catch phrase for whenever someone has been absent from something.

Kudzai with her husband and children

What’s the strangest fact you know?

It’s impossible to hum while you hold your nose. (Go ahead and try it – she’s right!)

What outside organizations are you involved with? What do these organizations mean to you?

I’m involved with Forward in Faith Ministries International which is a worldwide church that started in Zimbabwe, Africa and is now all over the globe.

Kudzai and her husband traveling

BONUS: Your prediction: the world will end by A. Zombies, B. Meteor, C. Alien Invasion. Why did you choose that answer?

Meteor. It’s the only option that actually exists.

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