Meet Drew Griswold, Digital Advertising and Events Manager for GiveWP

Drew Griswold is GiveWP’s Digital Advertising and Events Manager. When asked what he does, he said, “I am responsible for all of the advertising and events for GiveWP. On any given day, it’s likely I’ll be neck deep in Google and Facebook ads, or checking out some new platform we can advertise on. Advertising has grown into a pretty sizeable portion of our new customer acquisition over the last few years, so it’s been really exciting to be a part of that experience. I also come from an events background, and it was one of the reasons I was so excited to join the team two years (🤯) ago. Really looking forward to this summer where I actually get to go out there and spread the GiveWP love. Also, my big (not-so) secret is that I’ve never been to a WordCamp. Eagerly awaiting the day I get to see what all the hype is about!”

Drew lives in Milwaukee, WI (USA). He says “it’s my hometown, and any person who talks to me for more than five minutes will likely get some sort of comment about the Brewers, Packers, Bucks, or how cold I always am.” He loves sushi and pizza, but he ALWAYS has peanut butter filled pretzels on his desk.

We asked Drew what was the best thing about working at StellarWP and he said, “Anyone that’s had a meeting with a GiveWP team member knows that we have a pretty incredible group. It’s definitely a cliché to say the people are my favorite part of the job, but in this case it happens to absolutely be the truth. I’m surrounded by some of the kindest and most intelligent folks I’ve ever hade the privilege of working with, and I’m learning from them every day. Also it’s immensely exciting to see how quickly Stellar is growing, and I feel super lucky to be along for the ride. Definitely looking forward to working alongside all the other Stellar brands and widening the net of great folks I work with.”

5 Things from Drew Griswold

We ask our team to pick any five questions from a long list. Here are the ones Drew chose, and his replies.

What hobbies do you enjoy?

I am deeply fascinated by all things wine. I love collecting it, drinking it, making it, and learning new things about it. It started when I was a bartender in college and somehow wound up working at a champagne lounge. I was enthralled with the process of how such an interesting beverage was created, and thrust myself into learning as much as I could handle about the topic of sparking wines. From there I fell in love with still wines, and for the last ten years have been trying to expand my horizons and learn more and more. It is amazing how one seemingly simple beverage can teach you about science, geography, history, and much much more.

What outside organizations are you involved with? What do these organizations mean to you?

My job before working at GiveWP was running a retail business called Wander & Co. – a shop where everything we sold benefitted different nonprofit organizations. The best part of that job was that I got to contribute to all of my favorite causes by traveling around and selling shirts at music festivals. Wander & Co. to date has planted over 40,000 trees and donated over 35,000 meals to food banks all over the country. We also worked on all kinds of projects like providing field trips to science museums for kids in underserved educational districts, providing cervical cancer screenings to girls in coffee-growing countries, and providing micronutrient fortification for thousands of kids in developing countries.

As for what that means to me, it’s less about the particular orgs we worked with and more about the message that little contributions can amount to BIG change. Just giving a little bit of a damn about things can move the needle over time.

Lucy loves adventuring with Jenni and Drew

Tell us about your dog.

We have a wonderfully spoiled mutt named Lucy. She was rescued nine years ago, and is a pretty central piece of our existence. She lived on the road with me and my wife when we lived in an RV (pre-COVID), and one of our favorite things we did was take her to ten different national parks and had her dip paws in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in the course of two months. She’s a pretty lucky pup, but we consider ourselves to be the lucky ones.

We also dog-sit for my brother’s pup every day so have a little punk dog Howard who freeloads from us five days a week. He is fun because he looks like the dog version of William H. Macy.

What’s a place you’d love to travel to someday? Why there?

My wife and I are in the process of planning our long delayed honeymoon (we figure after 2.5 years of marriage, it’s about time). This summer we will be heading to Spain, France, and England. Beyond the amazing sights we’ll see, we’re going to be in some of the best wine producing parts of the world, and can’t wait to dive in head first to the wines.

Jenni, Lucy and Drew

What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you?

Maybe not the funniest, but one of the most mind-blowing things was being at a bar at 3:30 a.m. in Accra, Ghana and running into my second grade teacher’s daughter. It took us a few minutes to put the pieces together, but when we realized that we were both from the same part of Milwaukee, it was pretty hilarious.

BONUS: Your prediction: the world will end by A. Zombies, B. Meteor, C. Alien Invasion. Why did you choose that answer?

B. Meteor. Only because I’m an optimist and that seems much more pleasant than the alternatives!

Drew Griswold

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