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Meet Taylor Waldon, GiveWP’s Digital Content Marketing Manager

Taylor Waldon is the Digital Content Marketing Manager for GiveWP. When asked what she does, she said, “My role at GiveWP has evolved over the past three (almost four) years. I started with simply writing content, then scope creeped myself into content strategy, and deeper search engine optimization. Back then, our marketing team was smaller, so I was also responsible for email and social media marketing, and some community activities, such as representing our brand at conferences like WordCamps. (Ah, in-person events… such a fond memory of the past.) Since then (2018!), our team has doubled in size! I was privileged throughout this time to help shape our marketing team with the leadership of Matt Cromwell, Operations Manager and Co-Founder of GiveWP. In 2020, we launched our GiveWP writing community, which I manage on a day-to-day basis in order to fill our blog calendar. Other than managing our writers and publishing their work on our website, I spend my time writing website and landing page content, monitoring and managing our SEO, and coordinating distributing content with my teammates responsible for ads, social media, and email marketing.”

She is a person of many talents, which she has shared on webinars, WordCamp stages, and in podcasts. Her scope of knowledge includes fundraising, which she often writes about on the GiveWP blog. She’s also the creator behind California Man, a serial story enjoyed by many.

Taylor Waldon isn’t located anywhere. Or rather, as an RV-er, she’s located wherever her wheels and wanderlust take her, but she calls Southern California home.

We asked Taylor what was the best thing about working at StellarWP and she said, “Working at StellarWP has been amazing because it’s given our whole team the opportunity to connect with other WordPress brands that have similar products to our own. Cross-team creativity has sparked a lot of new ideas and helped facilitate a STELLAR company culture.”

5 Things from Taylor Waldon

We ask our team to pick any five questions from a long list. Here are the ones Taylor chose, and her replies.

Do you collect anything? What? And how did you get started?

Typewriters! I was visiting my sister at her day of community service for a school project. She volunteered at the local community museum (which is just a single room filled with random local artifacts). There were a few random items for sale, one of which was a 1921 Corona Standard. Easily a $500 value at the time, this working beauty was only $15. So, I bought it on the spot. I have about 7 now. I have lost count. Some are in storage, but I keep 2 with me at all times in the RV.

Typical view from the RV

Tell us about your pet(s).

I used to have two dogs, Legedu and Pepper. Legedu recently passed, but he was a huge part of my life. Legedu was an 11 year-old German Shepherd, who I got when he was a puppy. I trained him from a young age to be my service animal. We followed the guidelines together and went through the training as my back injury progressed. By the time I really needed his services, he was ready! Legedu used to help me up from the ground, support me when I needed it and no cane was nearby, and carry my things in his backpack.

Pepper is most likely around eight. I found her on a cross country road trip on my way through New Mexico in January of 2017. I was almost to Roswell when she came trotting up to my car, 30 miles from the nearest town. I pulled over and she jumped into my arms. Legedu sniffed her and went back to licking his paws, so he was clearly okay with this random stray. She stared at me all the way from New Mexico to Virginia and I was convinced she was an alien. She looked like a dog, but acted like a cat, perched on the window, barked at birds, and pawed people for attention. But, Legedu loved her, so two weeks after I found her (and after searching for her owner), I finally named Pepper and decided she was one of the pack. Looking back, I am so happy Legedu made me keep her. She and I are on our own little adventure now.

Pepper and Legedu

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? What was that experience like? (Were you out of town? Why did you try it?)

Escargot. I was in Morocco on my birthday one year (on a mission trip) and for some reason, we all decided that was “the thing” I needed to try on that day. They were the most popular snack foods in Asilah and the vendors were all over by the ocean… so why not? It tasted like a salty booger and I really hope to never come across a cooked snail again. But, it was worth the story.

Do you have swag from any movies or tv shows? What is it? What’s the story behind it?

Not necessarily, but I have a “Bruce Tea” t-shirt that was given to me a few years ago. It’s an actual tea brand (or was) with a photo of Bruce Lee on the front of the t-shirt. I get compliments on it all the time, but I just happened to get it by chance. Random swag is always my favorite.

Mobile workstation

What’s a book you recommend to others? Why do you like it?

Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. It’s a fictional tale of government overreach and technological advances that really makes you think about the current state of the world.

BONUS: Your prediction: the world will end by A. Zombies, B. Meteor, C. Alien Invasion. Why did you choose that answer?

C- Alien Invasion. Pepper is evidence of alien life on Earth. She must have been sent as a scout to spy on humanity before they invade.

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