StellarWP Partners with Post Status to Sponsor Slack Pro

Why We Believe in the WordPress Community—and Why We’re Sponsoring Slack Pro for Post Status

It’s no exaggeration to say that in WordPress, community is everything.

After all, the entire premise of the WordPress platform is open source, which relies on a robust, active, and generous community to keep it thriving. At StellarWP, we care not just about our own WordPress plugins and employees but also about supporting the wider WordPress community. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with Post Status to sponsor their Slack Pro account.

Wait, back up: What is Post Status?

Post Status started in 2013 as a resource (and eventually a membership community) for WordPress pros. The Post Status team shares weekly newsletters, a WordPress job board, and other resources, including an active Slack channel where WordPress folks come together to collaborate, share ideas, or just chat.

Why is StellarWP sponsoring Post Status’s Slack Pro account?

We’ve watched the Post Status community grow over the years, and we wanted to stand beside them in that growth. While a free Slack account was sufficient for a few years, a Slack Pro account provides key features that will allow Post Status to make it even easier for people across the global WordPress community to be connected. 

This is important on a practical level and on a philosophical level—it’s about collaboration and innovation, which are also core to what we do at StellarWP. For us, it’s critical to support those values in the broader WordPress community beyond our own four virtual “walls” at StellarWP. Without sharing and communicating, innovation suffers—and a strong, dynamic WordPress platform depends on innovation. The Slack Pro channel is one way to bolster connections that lead to meaningful improvements across WordPress.

Post Status provides free membership to anyone in the Underrepresented in Tech database, making membership more inclusive. We’re committed to making the WordPress community more inclusive and diverse, and this is one way we can (literally) put our money where our mouth is.

What is StellarWP’s connection to Post Status?

We’re two completely separate companies, but like most spaces in WordPress, there is a lot of overlap. 

StellarWP is not just waltzing into the channel as a corporate sponsor—many of our employees are already active members in the Post Status Slack. As members of this space, we’re personally invested in ensuring that it continues to provide a friendly, inter-professional environment for the whole community.

All that to say, believing in WordPress means we believe in the people who keep it running. We’re excited to play a role in supporting the community and allowing it to thrive.

Learn more about StellarWP or contact us with questions.

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